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It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

Yes, we know it’s a bit pretentious to start off with a quote, but in that quote lies much of our DNA. The Swedish wine scene is changing and in many ways and in order to cope, so must we. In fact, that very change is what gave birth to Independent Wine Co. Some of you reading this text have probably already experienced recent year’s change of market conditions, some for the better, some for the worse.

Rather than leaning back and considering these changes as threats, we leaned in, embraced them and decided cooked up the recipe for success:

Owner led

Quickness is key and nothing cuts lead-times more than cutting the corporate BS. Independent Wine Co. is a privately owned- and partner led company. We don´t report to PE-companies or hedge funds, we focus on building the business.

The leaner, the meaner

A slim organisation with lower overhead costs allows us to invest more in our partners, in marketing and NPD.


Share of time is everything and we offer more. We are looking for strategic partners and can guarantee no conflict of interest in our portfolio. We guarantee our partners exclusivity on their respective origin.

Long-term relationships

We always have and always will value long-term partnerships over short-term gains.

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Casas Patronales

Casas Patronales’ story began in in the early 1990, when the family Castro Brahm decided to plant their first vineyards on the family property in Talca. The family had already established themselves in the agricultural business in San Clemente and held an impressive amount of orchards.

Even though vineyards were uncharted territory for the family, the success did not wait. The prominent sites started producing high quality fruit immediately, which then was sold to some of the top houses of Chile.

The story could more or less have ended there but Juan Pablo Castro Brahm had a completely different vision.

In 2001, Juan Pablo bought a winery and renovated it from scratch. Juan Pablo invested in the latest technology, all to produce some of the valley’s premier wines. He also managed to persuade the talented winemaker, Alejandro Sanches to join the team.

The first vintage was released in 2003. The wines were launched on the Swedish market in 2009. Today, Casas Patronales is the top selling Chilean brand on the Swedish market.

Casas Patronales has invested heavily in sustainability and CSR during the last years and are certified IMO Fair For Life and are currently in the process of certifying the winery as organic.

Fredrik Bergström

Brand Manager

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Rikard Eronn

Logistics Manager

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Magnus Söderberg

Finance Director

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